"P4"!!! Το νέο spot της JB Lighting ξεχωρίζει για την τετραπλή τελειότητά του, δεδομένου ότι ενσωματώνει ένα τέλειο beam, ένα τέλειο spot, τέλεια λειτουργικότητα, και τέλειο μέγεθος. Το P4 είναι εξοπλισμένο με Osram Sirius HRI 280W λαμπα υψηλής απόδοσης. Λειτουργιά Beam: 2,3° - 10°Λειτουργιά Spot: 5° - 21,6°Δυο δίσκους Gobo, έναν δίσκο χρωμάτων συν έναν δίσκο με φιλτρα CTO και CTB. 


P4 is the abbreviation for the new spot by JB-Lighting and stands for quadruple perfection since it features a perfect beam, a perfect spot, perfect serviceability and a perfect size.

The light source of the Varyscan P4 is a 280W discharge lamp emitting highly concentrated light. Therefore it is, despite its low wattage, extremely impressive even in applications involving great distances. The optical system comes with a special lens that dis- tributes the focused light beam during projection uniformly across the entire area thus enabling bright as well as homogenous projections. The effects unit is equipped with two gobo wheels, two prisms, zoom and focus, frost, shutter and dimmer, 10 colours, CTO and CTB filters, a UV effect as well as extremely rapid and precise PAN and TILT movements.

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